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ALMA Student Education Board


Dr Soraya Alami

Dr Soraya Alami graduated from Sydney University. She has over 30 years’ experience in working with CALD communities & manages her boutique solo General Practice in Lakemba, Sydney NSW with a specific focus on women & children, counselling, antenatal care & family planning. 

She is passionate about providing quality holistic care for her patients & community and strives to build cross cultural bridges of understanding & communication. 

Soraya understands the power of education, knowledge & experience & the importance of offering support in all its meanings to our youth who are our future generations. She has much pleasure & satisfaction in encouraging & motivating individuals to strive to be their best self & live an authentic healthy productive life. 

She feels privileged to be a part of the ALMA Education Foundation 

Following the establishment of The Canterbury Division of General Practice Soraya became an active member on the Board from 1993 to 1998. She represented the Division as the GP Representative on the Women’s’ Health Advisory Board, the GP representative on both the Steering & Management Committees for Obstetrics Shared Care for Canterbury, St George & Sutherland Hospitals , the GP representative on the Asthma Board & was involved in participating with various needs assessments & outcomes units. In 1996-1997, Soraya was the GP Project Manager for the Canterbury Division Tobacco Control Project. She was a member of the Canterbury Division negotiating team in Canberra during the process of being one of the first Divisions to be accepted for Outcomes Based Block Grant Funding. It was a difficult & excellent achievement. 

Soraya has studied Teaching & Learning in Adults as well as several modules related to General Practice through Monash University. She studied for a certificate in Acupuncture at RNSH. She also studied Law as an external student at Macquarie University & do to work & family pressures could not complete the course. As is expected of GP’s she keeps up with her CME (Continuing Medical Education). 

Soraya is a member of the AMA, RACGP’s, ALMA & Central Eastern Sydney GP Primary Health Network. She enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, meditation & simple exercises. 

Her favourite mantras are Live your Life in Loving Kindness & Let go & Let God.

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