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Alma Scholarship Recipient

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John Tawil

I am very grateful to have been a recipient of a scholarship from the ALMA Education Foundation. The application process itself was straightforward and seamless, and the ALMA Student Foundation website contains all of the relevant information for what to include in an application. Any further questions I had regarding applications were answered sufficiently and in a timely manner.


The scholarship has very much helped supplement my income while I have been studying. Living alone can be a struggle itself, even without considering the logistics of having to move interstate. The funding provided by the scholarship was great in providing extra financial security, which I could use to help subsidise my tuition fees, purchase/access educational materials, or assist in paying my HECS-HELP debt in the near future.


Now that I am nearing the end of my degree, I have been taking time to consider in which direction to take my career. In this pursuit, I have been contemplating attending conferences. The ALMA Education Foundation Scholarship has given me reassurance that the funds not being used directly for my education can be utilised for attending conferences, for the sake of the longer-term advancement of my career.


Overall, my experience with the ALMA Education Foundation Scholarship has been a pleasant one. The application process is uncomplicated with ample information provided, subsequent questions were answered thoroughly, and the scholarship itself provided me with exactly what I was hoping it would. I strongly encourage anyone considering applying for a scholarship to visit the ALMA Student Foundation website for more information on what to include in an application. There is no harm in applying!

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