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ALMA Student Education Board


Nicolle Nasr

Nicolle’s career to date spans over 10 years in public policy, government and legislative processes.


Currently as Chief of Staff to the NSW Minister for Sport, Multiculturalism, Seniors and Veterans, she oversees all policy development, implementation and legislative changes in the four portfolios. She is principally focused on increasing physical activity levels in NSW, ensuring NSW remains a successful harmonious and social cohesive multicultural society, supporting seniors live and enjoy long and fulfilling lives and ensuring Veterans have appropriate supports available when transitioning from the ADF to civilian life in NSW. 

Previously, Nicolle was Chief of Staff to the NSW President of the Legislative Council where she oversaw parliamentary procedural and operational matters in concert with public servants and members of Parliament, and supported the President is presiding over the NSW Legislative Council. 


As a policy adviser to the NSW Government in previous years, Nicolle led on various policy matters, principally in the portfolios of ageing and multiculturalism. While in Brazil, Nicolle worked for the United Nations assisting to advance the cause of issues affecting women in underdeveloped nations in South America. 


Nicolle holds a double degree from Macquarie University, speaks three languages and is passionate about the Catholic Faith and its history.

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